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Boosting Opacity in Decorative Paints

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For over four generations, Omya has partnered with leading suppliers to provide customers in the paint
and coatings industry with a portfolio of raw materials to enhance their products:
  • Binders
  • Dispersing Agents
  • Rheology Modifiers
  • TiO2
  • Other Additives
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In general terms, opacity can be described as the ability of a substance or mixture to hide a substrate. A typical example would be a coating film covering a given surface such as a wall. This simple phenomenon is actually the result of a rather complex interplay of various components and parameters. In industry, opacity is often referred to using other terms such as contrast ratio or hiding power. Whatever term is used, the common functionality they describe is the ability of an applied optical layer to hide what is underneath.
ChameleoBoost by Omya offers a unique solution for boosting opacity while optimizing formulation cost. ChameleoBoost will either enhance coating performance (e.g. opacity) at equal formulation cost or reduce formulation cost (e.g. partial substitution of titanium dioxide) while maintaining performance level of the coating film. Any combination of the two is of course possible as well.
  • Amount and type of titanium dioxide
  • Volume and type of mineral filler varying in composition, particle size and shape
  • Pigment volume concentration
  • Spreading rate
  • Film porosity
Key Factors Influencing Opacity


We have extended our portfolio of Modified Calcium Carbonates. Our Omyamatt products enable high-performance matting efficiency and a smooth film surface in matt decorative paints. 

Omyamatt - Matting Agents for Emulsion Paints

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We’re Welcoming Our Customers to Omya’s Chatbot for Decorative Coatings

Through the use of Omyapedia’s artificial intelligence software and machine learning capabilities, the chatbot enables users to find solutions to boost the opacity within their systems. Through the information gathered from the User-Omyapedia interaction, the users will be provided with a recommendation of products and technical data sheets to support in boosting their system’s opacity.

Within the current beta-phase for the US market, Omyapedia is able to provide solutions for water-based interior decorative coatings. As Omyapedia’s capabilities develop, the users can expect a further expansion of solutions for other systems as well as countries. If Users may have additional questions, it is easy to get in contact with an (non-machine) expert through Omyapedia!

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